Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Reviews


The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is, basically, a midsize Galaxy S10 with a pen. That's perfect if the Note 10+ is too big for your hand and you want a stylus. For what it's worth, using the S Pen on both size Notes side by side, it's actually a better experience on the larger 10+ because it gives you a bigger canvas to draw on. But that doesn't matter if you find the phone unwieldy. In my mind, that's why you should be here. While the Note line has been synonymous with "big phone" in previous years, now that Samsung offers such a wide range of sizes among its flagships, the standard Note 10 is the phone to get for pairing the S Pen with a comfortable one-hand experience.

Size and Design

The key number for the Note 10 is 2.83, its width in inches. It's just at the point where it's comfortable to use in one hand. The Galaxy S10 is slightly narrower, at 2.77 inches, but there's a good argument that a device any slimmer won't be useful with the S Pen.
Two Galaxy Note Models
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Left to right: Galaxy Note 10+, Galaxy Note 10
The shiny, rounded, and slightly slippery Note 10 measures 5.94 by 2.83 by 0.31 inches (HWD), weighs 5.93 ounces, and comes in black, pink, red, white, or a mirrored silver called Glow. Glow looks great in photos, but it's a fingerprint nightmare. Pink and red are, unfortunately, impossible to find in the US. The curved screen and all-glass construction screams that you should put this phone in a case, with a pen-friendly screen protector.
The 19:9, 6.3-inch OLED screen feels very tall and narrow if you aren't used to Samsung's new form factors, and that doesn't necessarily work well with the S Pen; we're used to drawing on paper that's basically 4:3, a much wider canvas. I usually love taller, narrower phones, but when you're taking notes, more real estate is better. That argues for the bigger Note 10+ being superior for heavier stylus users, as long as you can handle it.
There are three cameras on the back, for wide-angle, standard, and "2x zoom" shots. The smaller Note 10 lacks the larger one's rear IR depth-sensing camera, but right now that's not being used for much (just for a measurement app, primarily).
The Note 10 is waterproof, so you don't have to worry about that. The S Pen fits neatly into a slot at the bottom, near the main speaker and the USB-C port. There is no headphone jack, but you get some nice AKG-branded earbuds with the phone.
Samsung Galaxy Note 10

Performance and Battery

Most of the aspects of the Note 10+ carry over to the Note 10. It has the same processor, the same radios, the same call quality, and the same speaker.
There are a few changes, including a shift from 12GB of RAM to 8GB. Both models have 256GB storage options, with about 223GB free, although the bigger model has a 512GB option. Neither has expandable memory; the argument is that it's much slower than the UFS 3.0 storage that Samsung is using.

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